Lady of the lake - test renders

Work In Progress / 19 octobre 2019

Lady of the lake - face progress

Work In Progress / 22 août 2019

Blended the face paint, added eyeliner/makeup, face dirt caused by the paint wearing off/mask and eyelashes. 


Lady of the lake

Work In Progress / 18 août 2019

Test renders in marmoset before starting work on the hair/eyelashes/tentacle hooks/environment.
Not sure bout that face paint tho.




Lady of the lake - wip04

Work In Progress / 30 juillet 2019

Testing out normal + ao bakes. 

Finishing up the sword.

Next up hair cards, tentacle hooks, texturing, environment.



Lady of the lake - wip#3

Work In Progress / 21 juin 2019

Quick bpr renders of the face and simple hair blockout.



Lady of the lake - wip#2

Work In Progress / 18 juin 2019

Managed to make some progress, with lots of changes. Learning mari ain't easy, but we're getting there. 

Her face and hair are going through lots of variations, since there should be something behind the mask that's interesting to look at. 


her coin/trinket belt

"hey kid, pssst, wanna hear more about our lord and savior cthulhu?"

Lady of the Lake - wip

Work In Progress / 12 mai 2019

Following a concept by the awesome Bogdan Rezunenko.
Nothing's final or finished yet, still playing with the shapes and the overall feel.


Dead Space suit wip#4

General / 18 juillet 2018

Bit of an update on the work so far:
Started detailing the high poly, feels like most of it is complete, but it still needs small tweaks here and there.
Did some iterations for the back of the suit and so far i'm ok with what it ended up being. Any feedback or tips are highly appreciated!
Next up more detailing of the high poly and starting on the low poly and UV's, that should be fun. 


Dead Space suit wip#3

General / 06 juillet 2018

I managed to get some free time the past week and work on the suit. I'm almost done with the bigger shapes and about 95% done with the small shapes. I did a quick test render in keyshot and applied some basic colors to the parts to see how they would work together.
Still not sure if I should change the back or leave it as is. After applying the colors I'm kind of losing the horror aspect of Dead Space with this one, but I'm hoping that with some more polish and some good textures/lighting that could change.

Deadspace Suit WIP#2

General / 20 juin 2018

Decided to go from top to bottom, so I started to refine the helm, shoulders and back of the suit. The back and the helmet are still not 100% done, still testing out what looks good and what not.
Quick renders in keyshot: