Deadspace Suit WIP#1

General / 07 June 2018

As a kid I played the hell out of Dead Space on my horrible desktop pc struggling to run it on the lowest settings and still making me crap my pants. Good times.
Stumbled upon this concept from Heng Z, the dude is crazy good, and just had make it in 3D. Hope I do it justice and not screwing it up. The goal is to make it game res and probably have something decent for my portfolio.
First steps have been made the past days/week playing around with the proportions and figuring out how the thing is coming together. Still gotta get creative with the back, which is probably the most important part in a Dead Space suit and figure that out. Fun stuff, much to do.  


scifi girl WIP #5/6

General / 31 March 2018

WIP #6

Skin and eyes progress, renders in Marmoset with simple 3 point lighting. Also added lots of small details to the rest of the textures.
Looks nice so far, can't wait to start the hair, it should be fun.

WIP #5

Some quick test renders in Marmoset to see how stuff is holding up, and it doesn't look half bad right now. It's real fun making human skin and I think it's getting there. Also followed a GDC talk by Magdalena Dadela going through how she makes skin, great tips, very informative and she goes through all of her project layers in substance painter.
The eyes need some more work and I'm not sure about that eyebrow color, but I guess it works in the reference so it might work when the hair is done and match the color and eyes well.
Long ways to go still, but it's time well spent learning new things along the way.

Scifi girl WIP #4

General / 29 March 2018
Got around to doing some textures and some quick renders in Marmoset with a simple HDRI. The overall look seems to be working, textures still need improvement. Hair maps will be done in Maya and Arnold/XGen, then finishing the skin, eyes, emissive maps for the glowy stuff, posing and final render.
 Fun stuff, looking forward to it.

Cyber Grill, WIP #3

General / 19 March 2018

Probably spent too much time on small details that'll be lost in the normal bake... well shit.
Lost of adjustments to the shape of the head, also pores done with alpha brushes. Eyebrows need bit more tweaking, but for the most part the high poly is done.
Next up, slapping some UVs on this bad boy and probably making a decent hair style, rather than this blob of crap. 

Cyber Grill, WIP

General / 10 March 2018

(*WIP update 02)
Progress so far:

90% done with the primary shapes, adjusted the silhouette, still testing out different hair styles. Almost done with the secondary shapes as well. Next up; face details, eyelashes, eyebrows, final hair style and hair cards.

The gloves still need some more attention, like maybe some padding here and there, Then its off to more finer detail like stitches and surface details.


(*WIP update 01)
Decided to practice and make most of my time after completing my last company internship.
My progress so far is: Sort of done with the primary shapes and trying to figure a good hair style, maybe i'll keep it similar to the concept art, maybe not.
This is my first blog post, so I can just keep track of my progress and development. All sort of feedback or critique is also welcome :)

Concept by Sangsoo Jeong, crazy good artist.