scifi girl WIP #5/6

General / 31 March 2018

WIP #6

Skin and eyes progress, renders in Marmoset with simple 3 point lighting. Also added lots of small details to the rest of the textures.
Looks nice so far, can't wait to start the hair, it should be fun.

WIP #5

Some quick test renders in Marmoset to see how stuff is holding up, and it doesn't look half bad right now. It's real fun making human skin and I think it's getting there. Also followed a GDC talk by Magdalena Dadela going through how she makes skin, great tips, very informative and she goes through all of her project layers in substance painter.
The eyes need some more work and I'm not sure about that eyebrow color, but I guess it works in the reference so it might work when the hair is done and match the color and eyes well.
Long ways to go still, but it's time well spent learning new things along the way.